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The Nature Made® Diabetes Health Pack is scientifically formulated to provide daily nutritional support for people with diabetes or prediabetes and essential nutrients that may be lacking due to the strain diabetes can often put on the body's health.† If you have diabetes or prediabetes and are not always eating a balanced diet, Nature Made Diabetes Health Pack helps to provide the nutrients that you may be lacking to help meet your daily nutrient requirements.† Each pack provides a comprehensive combination of key vitamins, minerals, fish oil, and alpha lipoic acid.

Multivitamin/Mineral: A high potency supplement providing essential vitamins and minerals for daily nutritional support.†
Fish Oil with Vitamin D3: Fish oil contains important EPA & DHA omega-3 fatty acids, which help support a healthy heart.† Vitamin D supports bone, teeth, muscle, and immune health,† and vitamin D3 is the body’s preferred form.‡
Magnesium: Participates in more than 300 reactions in the body and help


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