MAN KING Extra Strength Male Enhancement Direction;

Take  one  MAN KING capsule and you better be ready to go! Why? Because within 15-30 minutes MAN KING will be. 

MAN KING is more of an "on-demand" male-enhancement pill. 


MAN KING Extra Strength Male Enhancement Effects:

-. Quicker to attain erections

-. Harder erections

-. Longer lasting erections

-. Reduces premature ejaculation

-. Decreases "down time"

-. Increases length and girth


Man King Extra Strength Male Enhancement  Usage and Dosage: 

Take one capsule per time, 10 minutes before sexual intercourse.


Man King  Extra Strength Male Enhancement Ingredients: 

Man King contains an herbal blend that includes the following ingredients: 

Ginseng, Scalpers Penis, Chinese Matrimony Vine, Pilose Antler of Young Stags, Longan Sarcocarp, Lily, Buffalos Penis and Fur Seals Penis.

MAN KING Extra Strength Male Enhancement Pills are made from high grade natural