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 It was through many years carefully research and development by Medical research center of Tianlong  Biotechnology  Group Company.

It became the newest substitutes of American Viagra after the succeeded clinical trials in 2003, the best challenger for cialis. It can make the penis grow longer,thicker and bigger quickly,and has great effect on temporary sexual, it also can prevent premature ejaculation to prolong the sexual time to 120 hours without any side-effect and dependance. No red face,cardioacceleration vomiting and headache ,etc. such reaction. Free from the influence of heart disease,high blood pressure and glycuresis,and  it also have good effect on prostate,you can take it after drinking alcohol.

Main ingredients: saffron, cordyceps, snow lotus, snow deer penis, hidden yak testicular, seahorses.

Application people: premature ejaculation,spermatorthea,sexual dysfunction, libido abate,short and small penis, lumbar debility,myasthenia of  limbs ,dazed tinnitus,weak and night sweat,nocturnal frequent micturition , prostatitis and the symptoms caused by the weakness of kidney.

Usage and dosage: take 1 pill orally with warm boiled water before sleep.(it will get great effect if you take it 20-30 minutes before sexual intercourse), take 1 pill every 2 days for daily heathcare.


1,don't be anxious for success to take over dose.

2,just like erection many times and erection for a long time without ejaculation after taking this medicine,drink cold boiled water can release it .

3,don't repeat take within 24 hours.

Specification:2000mg*6 pills*6boxes

male enhancement one large box 36 pills

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